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A More Amazing Testimonial
September 2019
It was a real joy to work with Brenda as our realtor. She helped us out in so many ways in making our house in Sheboygan presentable to sell. Brenda went well above and beyond, what I believe others, in her position, would do, while going through this process. She was always available to answer any questions and gave us many ideas as to how to present our home in the most acceptable way. Brenda helped us to maneuver through the paperwork and was able to do this even though we were not living in Sheboygan. She kept us apprised, via email, as to the progress being made regarding the showings. Brenda went out of her way, even while she was on vacation, in keeping us updated as to the progress being made. Brenda has such an easy way about herself and immediately puts you at ease. It was a real pleasure to get to know Brenda as she treated us more as a friend than as a client. Anyone who is interested in selling their home will not be disappointed when choosing Brenda as their agent.
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